“I came into the office to get help with my back and hip pain. Through the initial consultation I mentioned that I had constant tremors for the past 40 years of my life. But I had been to chiropractors before and none of it helped with my tremors so I thought nothing of it. After the very first treatment, my tremors immediately stopped. I sat there on the table in shock! I could hold my hand still for the first time in I don’t know how long. It has been almost a year now and my tremors are almost completely gone. The only time they show up at all is when I go too long without getting into the office for a checkup. Since that first adjustment, my friends have noticed too, and I have taken up hobbies like knitting. I thank God everyday that I found the Drs. at Infinite Potential Chiropractic. My life has improved so much. Oh, and my back and hip pain have improved as well. I highly recommend this office to anyone regardless of your condition. You might surprised who all they can help.”


“I have always thought of myself as a pretty good athlete, playing sports throughout high school, into college and now as a self proclaimed weekend warrior. I never realized the amount of stress and wear I was putting on my body until I started coming to Infinite Potential. Since I began my knees and hips have been pain free, lingering shoulder issues are completely resolved and I’m able to do the things that keep me active on my own terms. Hiking, basketball, frisbee, soccer, you name I can now do it PAIN FREE thanks to IPC.”


“My son is 13 and is on the wrestling team. He started complaining of a sore neck and back after practice and in the mornings. It was the beginning of the season and I just thought he was sore because he wasn’t used to the activity. But the pain didn’t get better and even started to get worse. The doctors at Infinite Potential Chiropractic had helped me with my back pain so I thought maybe they could help my son with his. What they explained to me was that my son had pre-existing subluxations that were messing up his movement and pain was showing up as a symptom. After the first adjustment his neck pain went away, and after the second his back pain went away for good! It’s been six months without any pain! My son was able to wrestle the entire season and performed very well. He is so much happier now, and always looks forward to going in to get checked. The Drs. at Infinite Potential Chiropractic are thorough and never do more than they have to. They have been a blessing to my whole family.”


“I have struggled with sinus issues, migraine headaches and shoulder tension for as long as I can remember. After starting care with Dr. Rice at Infinite Potential Chiropractic I have seen drastic improvement in all my complaints. I no longer need to take Claritin daily just to breathe and my migraines are so much less frequent. I am so blessed to have been introduced to Infinite Potential Chiropractic and I highly recommend this practice.”


I am breathing better!

“Since starting care with Infinite Potential Chiropractic I have seen health issues disappear that I didn’t even know I had. My seasonal allergies have gone away, I am breathing better and all of my sleep apnea issues have completely vanished. I began care with Dr. Rice in 2014 and have since gotten my entire family under care. My children and wife all receive care from the team at IPC and it has become one of the most rewarding things in my life. I now recommend chiropractic care to everyone.”

I have not had to take a pain reliever in over 3 months!

“About 25 years ago I had the unfortunate experience of diving into a shallow pool which has led to a lifetime of discomfort in my neck that has spread throughout my entire back. That accident had me turning to Aleve and Tylenol more than I wanted to or care to admit. Ever since I came to the folks at Infinite Potential I have seen serious improvements in my near 30 year old injury. I thought that I was going to be stuck in a life dependent on medications to get me out of pain, but after treatment at IPC I have not had to take a pain reliever in over 3 months.”

My energy levels are much higher!

“I developed back pain and neck pain after transitioning from a student into my full-time desk job. The pain was unbearable at times and I had consulted chiropractors before which provided me only temporary relief. It wasn’t until the staff at IPC took the time to evaluate the entire picture not just my presenting issues that I was able to find relief from my neck and back pain. Not only that but after a few months of care I have noticed my energy levels are much higher and I have been sleeping so much better! Thanks Dr. Fisher and Dr. Rice!!”